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What are the Benefit of Infrared?
Say Goodbye to Your Allergies
Link between aluminum antiperspirants and breast cancer?
Vaccines getting out of control
Bioidentical Hormone Pellets


Bioidentical Hormone Pellets
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What are the Benefit of Infrared?

Detoxification: Studies have shown that sweat produced during infrared sessions can contain as much as 20% fats and toxins.

Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction: Infrared helps eliminate fats, toxins and helps rebuild collagen to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Pain Relief: Infrared may reduce pain by as much as 70%

Skin Rejuvenation: Infrared may improve the condition of skin by increasing blood flow and oxygenation

Relaxation: Infrared sessions promotes profound relaxation by helping to balance cortisol levels

Say Goodbye to Your Allergies

No to Allergy Shots and Medicines. Yes to Sublingual Drops.

Are allergies keeping you from being the healthiest you can be?  Are they keeping you from being productive at work?  Are you having to choose between allergy medicines and allergy shots?  

Long term use of allergy medicines only cover up the symptoms not cure them.  Allergy shots are painful and inconvenient. We can offer you a better option. Sublingual allergy drops are painless, cure faster and are taken at home.

Link between aluminum antiperspirants and breast cancer?

As an oncology certified nurse practitioner I have been instructing patients to avoid the use of aluminum based antiperspirants for years. I had read research several years ago that showed a link between fibrocystic breast disease and antiperspirants. My reasoning was that if aluminum was showing up in breasts cysts, it certainly could be linked to breast cancer. Here is research to show that there is in fact a link. More studies and research are needed, of course. But should we wait for definitive proof or be proactive about protecting against breast cancer?

Vaccines getting out of control

Had an interesting discussion with a colleague today about childhood vaccines. She brought to my attention that the number of required vaccines has risen to 102 by the age of six. The incidence of serious adverse effects and complications has also risen dramatically. Coincidence?

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

You may have heard about bioidentical hormone pellets. They have been popularized by celebrities like Suzanne Somers, who has actually written several books about the subject. Many claim that bioidentical hormone pellets have renewed their youthful energy, mental clarity and libido, and given them a new lease on life! So what is all the fuss about?
Bioidentical hormone pellets have several advantages:
1. They provide a more constant level of hormone in the blood.
2. They are more convenient in that, unlike creams, pills, patches and gels, they only have to be inserted 2-3 times per year.

Prevention is Our Passion

Welcome to the Alpharetta Wellness Clinic blog! Our topic today is Prevention. For most people, preventive medicine means mammograms and screening of various kinds: Pap smears for women, PSA lab tests for men, and colonoscopy for both. But these are not prevention in the pure sense of the word. They are really means of early (hopefully) detection.
At Alpharetta Wellness Clinic we take a different view of prevention, an approach we like to call Proactive Prevention. What we have discovered over the years is that many , in fact most diseases are preventable, simply by making certain choices in life.